Old Fashioned Maple Sugar is the best sweetener our family has ever used. It tastes delightful and you do not need to use very much to have your favorite cereal or beverage taste just right.  Knowing that we are getting the right vitamins and minerals without having to take any additional supplements is a huge plus both dietary and monetary.  Would highly recommend to our friends and family.  Once you taste Old Fashioned Maple Sugar you won’t want to use anything else.  


SuperFood Nutribites are our new “go to” snacks.  So easy-to-carry and affordable, they have replaced breakfast bars and diet bars in our diet.  You only need to eat one to feel full, so not hard on the waistline.. plus the health benefits and overall feeling that you body is satisfied and is getting the nutrition it needs and wants is apparent right from the start.  And they are attractive to look it… something you really can’t say about most power bars. They taste great and we would think they are the next best thing to “sliced bread”, as my grandmother would say!!


Sweet and Savory Maple Balsamic… what a great idea and convenient way to get nutrition by adding flavor to your favorite salads and for dipping cheese and fruit. We love the flavor and the ease-of-use.  This is one food we can even buy as gifts for our friends. Love it!!

~ Shelly H. 

Sherman Oaks, CA

I was very pleased with the results and the taste of your Endo-Teas.  The blueberry has a bold taste, while the peach is just a little tart and the strawberry kiwi is sweet, so I do not need to add sugar.  I usually start the day with the Brain Food tea, which gets me up and motivated. Around noon, I have the peach tea and when I get home, I have a cup or two of the strawberry kiwi or blueberry.  I love the variety and the effect the teas have on me. They have replaced all of my anxiety, headache and sleep medications. I feel better and love the idea of using natural products instead of pills.  Thank you for bringing me true relief. I look forward to exploring some of your newer flavors in the future.

Amy D’uva

New Hampshire

The bites are outrageously yummy!  I would eat these even if they didn’t have hemp in them because they are so good.  I get a nice glowing affect from the bites. They pick up my mood and set my brain to happy.  Good job and great product.

Sharon Baldwin


I love fruit and have spent a small fortune looking for tasty dips.  This balsamic maple is the best. It makes a great fruit salad and I have even tried it in my apple and pumpkin pies. I have to stifle a laugh when friends tell me how good my pies make them feel.  If only they knew!

Valerie Cavanaugh

New York City


I received a bag with your holiday tea – Noelle.  I was a little apprehensive about using it, so I tried it before bedtime and I slept like a baby.  Once I knew what kind of effect it had on me, I started drinking it daily. I feel great after drinking a cup.  It’s hard to explain, but I feel warmly relaxed after a cup of Endo-Tea. I wish everyone used it.  

Rae Jae Campellone


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