Alisa Dee Daskarolis

Founder, President, CEO, COO

ICUC Enterprises, inc.

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Cannabis Advocate, Educator

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Anthropologist/Ethnobotanist

  • HR Director

  • USCG Veteran

EndoTeas Evolution

Cannabis saved me from the debilitating opioid addiction doctors prescribed to “treat” my excruciating, chronic, pains for 47 years.  Interestingly enough, over these five decades, my pain increased as the recommended daily pharmaceutical volume increased until the pain extended from head to toe..  After surgeries and associated ineffective therapies, then learning my next prescription of liquid morphine injections was handed to me on my 54th birthday, I realized pharmaceuticals had become a lifestyle destroying my overall health and robbing me of my once fiercely active and athletic lifestyle. 


As a veteran, environmental scientist, hemp patient and ethnobotanist, I combined my knowledge and experience to a disciplined terpene science health benefits study blending cannabinoids, cannabimimetics, plus synergistic properties of other phytonutrients, and tracking how they interacted with the endocannabinoid system to relieve my pain and allow me to free myself from big pharma’s grip on my life.  It worked! With a serious regiment, opioids were eliminated from my life within an intense four months.  


Through this experience I created EndoTeas and began sharing them with friends and family who tested, approved, and encouraged me to make my formulations available to them on a regular basis.  


Pain free since 2015, I’ve regained my strength, most memories and lead a happy hempy life committed to helping others regain their health and freedom from their pain and chemical addictions with proprietary endocannabinoid system toning remedies

Karen Elise Pike

Founder, President, CEO, COO

ICUC Enterprises, Inc.

  • Entrepreneur

  • Cannabis Activist, Educator

  • Alternative Health Practitioner

  • Naturopath, Polarity Therapist, Herbalist

  • Inventor US Patent #6056613

With a background in elder care, holistic therapies, natural sciences, religion and philosophy, my career path took me into hospice work.   In a natural progression as my work I began making THC infused edibles, ointments and tinctures.  

In 2008, I had the good fortune become partner and co-founder of the MCC / Medical Cannabis Caregivers in Pasadena, CA, the first school in Southern California to teach people how to protect themselves legally by participating in the CA MMJ Program, how to get involved in the emerging industry, and to find ways to make a difference for themselves and their loved ones.  In 2010 I began to the development of a line of family friendly nutritionally rich functional hemp edible products that have become a cornerstone of EndoHealing Hemp Family Foods.  


Charlie McMenamin

Director of Marketing

  • Specializing in Global Management

  • Private-Public Partnerships

  • Business Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Contract Negotiations

  • OSHA Certifications

C - Level strategist with over 25 years of Management & Leadership experience in Sales, Service/Delivery, Marketing/Operations, Consumer Insights and Persuasion Architecture. Clearly understands what it takes to foster strong business partnerships that drive revenue, customer satisfaction & client loyalty. Proven experiences in identifying, and establishing business processes across Sales & Operational functional groups, leading to increased efficiencies in sales productivity, with reduced operational cycles.


Visionary results driven individual who demonstrates the same skill set and training as an athlete and proactively approach account and business challenges, applying problem-solving skills, persistence, teamwork and resourcefulness to achieve positive results. Well developed interpersonal skills with the ability to lead , inspire and surpass objectives. I have demonstrated the ability to quickly cultivate relationships with very difficult to access, influential decision makers, impact and rapport developed with stakeholders is surpassed by none.


My strongest asset evident throughout my career has been my ability to connect with people—the key to all success in business and in life. If you have the ability to connect emotionally with your team and your guests, there is no result that is out of reach.


Core Specialties include: Global Management, Private-Public Partnerships ,Sales Leadership, Funnel Management, Contract Negotiation, Recruiting, Sales forecasting, Training, Telecommunications, Business Development, , B2B, Market Segmentation, Local Government, Customer Service, Retention, Business Acumen, P&L, Budgeting , Strategic Planning, SMB, Sports Injury Prevention , OSHA Clinical Operations Certifications



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