Alisa Dee Daskarolis

Founder endoteas, CEO, COO

ICUC Enterprises, inc.

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Cannabis Advocate, Educator

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Anthropologist/Ethnobotanist

  • HR Director

  • USCG Veteran

EndoTeas Evolution

Cannabis saved me from my debilitating opioid (involuntary) addiction and excruciating lumbar and sciatica pain.  Medical advice at the time with “simple back pain” was to poke, prod, cut, stitch and prescribe addictive pharmaceuticals all by age 23. Seven years later, the simple back pain was diagnosed as “congenital spondylitis disease” and their morphine drip prescription was an unacceptable option. Clearly, these Western medical practices did nothing but make me an addict with continued excruciating pain, gain weight, lose my livelihood and empty my bank account.

Desperate for my freedom and to return to my athletic lifestyle, I combined master level academics with professional and personal pain relief cannabis science to create food and beverage infusions as my opioid treatment program.  What went in my body now, had to heal my endocannabinoid system!  Within 4 months, I was opioid and over the counter pharma free, 35 pounds lighter and on my elliptical!  PAIN FREE since 2015, I am committed to helping others regain their health and freedom with endoteas organic hemp superfoods!

Karen Elise Pike

Founder, SoothingSweetness, CEO, COO

ICUC Enterprises, Inc.

  • Entrepreneur

  • Cannabis Activist, Educator

  • Alternative Health Practitioner

  • Naturopath, Polarity Therapist, Herbalist

  • Inventor US Patent #6056613

My life work has been in the alternative health field and end-of-life care.  I practiced underground cannabis palliative care services back in the day when having a joint could land you in jail.   As a means to help the people I was helping I began to make cannabis infused edibles, ointments and tinctures that gave them some relief, allowed them to reflect, to live the dying experience with a different level of awareness, to laugh, cry and find peace.


After the passage of CA SB420, I was fortunate enough to become one of the co-founders of The Medical Cannabis Caregivers, an institute dedicated to empowering personal activism in the ‘war on drugs’, cannabis laws, education, human rights and cannabinoid science.  At MCC I taught MCC 123, Tinctures, Ointments & Edibles.  


Cannabis has been a part of my life for most of my life, as a consumer, a practitioner, a teacher, administrator, activist, and product developer, with one thing in mind, “for the highest good of all.”  That’s what our mission, our values, and our company are all about. I’m grateful to be here and for the opportunity to be of service.


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