In 2017 Alisa and I, Karen, met through LinkedIn, we spent many hours, emails and texts discussing the future of all things cannabis sativa L in depth and possibility and became good friends.  At the same time, we also connected to a representative of a group of mainstream food industry veterans who were presenting CBD products at the 2017, 2018 National Association of Drug Stores Annual Super Show Conventions.  


At that time the mainstream markets weren’t quite ready for hemp therapeutics but we all knew it was coming.  For us it was epic to be two of the very first hemp CBD products to be presented to American industry.  


Throughout 2017 and into 2018 we continued to fulfill custom orders in six legal states from our cottage kitchens in California. Incoming orders outgrew our ability to hand craft our products on our own and the cost to expand was too steep to incrementally grow and take on costly overhead. Concurrently, with federal and state laws fluctuating at the same time access to quality hemp extracts and flowers was sporadic and shipments were still being seized.  


We, the tenacious and resilient ones, knew It was time to work smarter, not harder!  For the next 18 months, strategically invested our time and money into preparing for the market by standardizing the formulations and recipes that make our brands unique, continuing R&D, preparing customer education materials, founding relationships with reputable suppliers, manufacturers and trusted third party labs to insure the quality standards of our foods and beverages.  


Today, we are prepared to meet the ECS therapeutics market demands and have opened to quality, reliable, consumer CBD products to start the globe's healing process.


Alisa Dee Daskarolis, Co-Founder

Founder endoteas, CEO, COO, CFO

Co-Founder ICUC Enterprises, Inc. 

  • Cannabis & Animal Rights / Advocate, Educator

  • Environmental Scientist Anthropologist/Ethnobotanist/HR Director

  • USCG Veteran / Competitive Athlete

Cannabis saved my life from the classic debilitating opioid addiction that developed after 47 years of excruciating spondylitis pain.  Medical advice at the time for “back pain” was to poke, prod, cut, stitch and prescribe addictive pharmaceuticals.  I endured all by age 23.  

Seven years later, the simple back pain was diagnosed as “congenital spondylitis disease”, and the docs morphine drip prescription was an unacceptable option. Clearly, these Western medical practices did nothing but make me an addict while continuing to experience the pains they were prescribed to alleviate, gain weight from inability to function and the pharma fillers in their drugs and narcotics, and empty my bank account. A complete loss of livelihood and active lifestyle.

Desperate for freedom and to return to my athletic lifestyle, I combined master level academics with cannabis science and personal cannabis experiences to create food and beverage infusions as my opioid treatment program.  What went in my body, had to stimulate, cleanse and mend my endocannabinoid system! Within 4 months, I was opioid and over the counter (OTC) pharma free, 35 pounds lighter and on my elliptical!  I’ve regained my balance and lifestyle and know cannabis in many forms can deliver natural regenerating benefits for myriad symptoms and ailments. PAIN FREE since 2015, I am committed to helping others regain their health and freedom with endoteas organic hemp superfoods!


Karen Pike - Herstory

Founder, SoothingSweetness 

Co-Founder ICUC Enterprises, Inc., CEO, COO, CFO 

  • Cannabis Entrepreneur, Administrator, Activist, Patient Advocate, Palliative Care

  • Patented Inventor US #6056613

Trained in nursing, alternative health sciences and energy medicine I practice private duty end-of-life care.  Back in the day, I homemade cannabis infused edibles, ointments and tinctures to help my patients. 

After CA SB420 passed I got involved in the medical marijuana industry co-founding Medical Cannabis Caregivers Information & Resource Center. Being at the center of the emerging cannabis industry was a significant milestone in my journey. Through the MCC my network of cannabis professionals grew.  We started the first teaching collective dispensary in Pasadena CA.  We stood up for patients' rights to grow their own medicine.  We hosted lecturers such as DJ Short, Martin Lee and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.  To this day I’m a member of the community advisor board (CAB) of the first NIH funded study on ‘Cannabis, Health and Emerging Young Adults’.  

In 2015 when I left MCC and switched my focus to CBD, expanded my food line and found like minded friends in the hemp industry.  In doing so, I secured sources for reliable bulk CBD, non cannabis ingredients and manufacturing to support a full line of hemp foods and beverages for the greater retail market.  

The scientific discovery of the ECS has ushered in an advanced understanding of the microbiology of life itself.  This revolutionary discovery is a game changer for the health of our planet, today, tomorrow & beyond.  

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 "Our prime purpose in life is to help others.  And if you cannot help them,
at least don't hurt them." Dalai Lama  
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